Hello there, welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Therese, I’m a designer, gym junkie and hungry home-cook based in bright & sunny Sydney in Australia. 

I started Therese Spoon in September 2019 as a way to share my favourite recipes and healthy hacks with others. This became my creative outlet; allowing me to combine my designer’s eye and my passion for food to create beautiful food photos and share delicious recipes. Best of all, I am lucky enough to connect with people all over the world about balanced living, healthy home cooking and fitness.

My approach is about simple, seasonal and nutrient dense food most of the time, with the occasional indulgence and treat. I’m all about taking a balanced approach to healthy eating; it’s not about bland, boring salads, restrictive diets or feeling deprived. I hope to show that a healthy diet is approachable, nourishing, and most of all; delicious.